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Insuring the Destitute

Insuring the Destitute

HIMSO is committed to making microinsurance accessible and affordable to all. Through microinsurance, the low-income households are protected against perils that would have devastating impacts to their livelihoods, and in some extreme cases, their lives.

Despite these efforts, there are still families and individuals that cannot access these services due to their financial situations. To address this, HIMSO has and continues to creatively mobilize funds and other resources that will aid in protecting those that cannot afford the premium for the micro insurance products that HIMSO offers or manages.

Some of the direct beneficiaries of this intervention include;

  • Destitute families and individuals
  • Most Vulnerable Children
  • Individuals (and their families) battling terminal and long-term illnesses


insuring the destitute


So far, HIMSO has managed to raise more than TZS 180M to insure the destitute. These coordinated activities are ongoing. Currently, HIMSO is fundraising for iCHF and Dharura Fasta in Mbeya and Songwe region where for TZS 35,000 a family of up to six people will have access to medical care within their region & Access to evacuation during medical emergencies for one year.