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Dharura Fasta

Dharura Fasta

Dharura Fasta is a micro health insurance product that offers evacuation during medical emergencies. Through Dharura Fasta, members are evacuated from home to a healthcare facility and from a lower-level healthcare facility to a higher-level healthcare facility when government ambulances are not available

Dharura Fasta is designed to address the four major delays that occur when a person is trying to access health care services during a medical emergency. The delays are;

  1. Patients deciding to receive medical care
  2. Arranging for transportation to the nearest healthcare facility
  3. Transportation to the health care facility and
  4. Receiving medical attention at the health care facilities

Dharura Fasta targets all Tanzanians, especially those residing in rural and remote areas. Acknowledging the unique needs of pregnant women and children regarding emergency evacuation, Dharura Fasta's design has ensured that special attention is paid to them and access to service is made easier.


Dharura Fasta enrollment


As of April 2024, Dharura Fasta has achieved several notable milestones:

  1. Training of Community Health Workers: 843 Community Health Workers have received training in areas such as first aid, identifying health danger signs, and the evacuation process for emergency cases. This empowers them to provide immediate assistance and support in critical situations.
  2. Contracting and Training of Private Transport Providers: Dharura Fasta has successfully contracted 1,586 private transport providers who have been trained to offer referral services. These providers play a vital role in ensuring that individuals in need of emergency medical care can be transported to healthcare facilities efficiently and safely.
  3. Transportation of Beneficiaries: Dharura Fasta has facilitated the transportation of 3,589 beneficiaries to healthcare facilities. This service is crucial in ensuring that individuals can access timely medical attention, especially during emergencies.
  4. Enrollment of Individual Members: Dharura Fasta has enrolled 58,308 individuals as individual members. These members can avail themselves of the benefits and services offered by the program, enhancing their access to healthcare and emergency medical services.
  5. Capacitation of Healthcare Facility In-charges: A total of 431 healthcare facility in-charges have been capacitated by Dharura Fasta. This training equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively handle emergencies and coordinate the evacuation process, particularly for pregnant women and children under 5.
  6. Enrollment of Villages as Members: Dharura Fasta has successfully enrolled 410 villages as village members. This ensures that the program's services, particularly emergency evacuations during medical emergencies, are accessible to pregnant women and children under 5 years in these communities.

These achievements highlight the significant progress made by Dharura Fasta in improving emergency healthcare services, enhancing access to medical facilities, and strengthening the overall healthcare system in the respective areas of operation.