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Mr. Deodat Madembwe

Stakeholders Engagement Officer
Contact Info
Certificate in Law, University of Dar es Salaam

Deodat Paskal Madembwe The Operations and Stakeholders Engagement Officer. Has worked with CIDR, HIMSO's predecessor for 3 years, fully participated in the establishment of HIMSO, and has worked with the organization ever since.

He is a holder of Certificate in Law under University of Dar Es Salaam and Certificate on Health financing from the World Bank. Has 14 years experience in micro-health insurances, a  pioneer of Community Based Organization (CBO) and the Emergency Transport System (Dharura Fasta) which is a unique product of HIMSO. Has worked as District Coordinator of Community Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) in Kyela 2012 t0 2014 June, as Acting Director from July to December 2014 and June to September 2017.